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Stone Song

The biographical novel of His Crazy Horse(commonly known as Crazy Horse), Stone Song by Win Blevins is a compelling tale of a complicated individual. His Crazy Horse had a vision as a youth of Rider, a warrior impermeable to bullets, who rode unadorned and throughout his life he tried to stay true to this vision. Even among the Lakota who believed strongly in choice and staying true to oneself this was not an easy task, but further complicated by love the encroachment of wasicu and the continual loss of buffalo.

Anyone who is intrigued with the story of the Battle of Little Bighorn is interested in all the players and their parts and His Crazy Horse does not play a bit part. Blevins presents him as a man who saw himself as less of a leader than he actually was, a loner who wished to avoid politics and maneuvering. Above all His Crazy Horse was a man who tried to find his path and stay true to it.

In the Acknowledgments section, Blevins states, "The most personal thanks: During the writing of this book a man of great soul called His Crazy Horse became my most intimate friend, my partner in a dance of spirits. It is difficult for me to lay down the writing and surrender him to the world as a book. Though he will be with me forever, I miss doing our dance every day.

I, for one am glad that Blevins did surrender him to the world as a book.